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It’s no secret that after a long Winter, Spring is the light at the end of a dreary tunnel. After the winter blues, I am so ready for Spring!

But the weather is definitely teasing us around here. Instead of holing up in my house for another few weeks, I have convinced myself to get brave and welcome Spring and all of its temper tantrums.

Here are five simple ways we are welcoming spring. Harness the potential and make the most of this crazy time of year!

1. Open the curtains

I know that this seems like a no-brainer, but there are so many days where I start to work on my to-do list and never think to draw the curtains.

Letting some sunshine in will instantly boost everyone’s mood, and help you to shift out of cuddle-up mode. It is even better if you can crack a window or two to let the fresh air in.

After a long winter being cooped up inside, I’m sure there is plenty to air out.

Hello, beautiful breeze. We’ve missed you…

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2. Spring Clean

Yes. I know. Who wants to clean, especially on those nice days? Well, I can tell you two things about this one.

First of all, it is a glorious feeling to get everything out of the way while we are still “stuck” inside because of crazy weather. Use the yucky days to catch up.

Secondly, having an organized home will only make it easier to keep it all tidy. Which means that when the nice weather hits, you will be ready to head out, without worrying about the house. You already got the nitty-gritty out of the way and your life is ready to live stress-free!

I promise, decluttering and cleaning right now will make your summer so much easier-and more fun!

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3. Display fresh flowers

Spring is all about new life, and the budding greenery that comes with it.

If you are lucky enough to have flowers sprouting up naturally, take a walk around the neighborhood and trim some of that flora for your kitchen table.

If you are still living in tundra-town, you can always create your own faux arrangement, or grab some flowers from your local grocery store for less than ten bucks.

The bright colors are a nice reminder that warm weather is just around the corner!

4. Bundle up and get to work

Even if the weather isn’t right for lounging, there are plenty of ways to get yourself and your kiddos outside.

If you are moving around, you will start thinking that fifty-degree weather is plenty warm. Plus, a good dose of vitamin D will help the entire family.

We never have a shortage of things to do around here, but if you do, get creative! Create a plan for your outdoor space, then get to work on it! Till the garden, clean up the patio, build that fence that will save you this summer!

There are so many projects that are perfect for spring weather. When summertime hits, you will be thankful that you got it all done beforehand.


5. Go on an adventure

There is nothing better than bundling up and heading out on a Springtime adventure. We love to get out and explore!

Find out what state parks are in your area and go for a hike(you can see a full list here). Take up geocaching with the kids, or walk to your local museum. Climb a mountain, ride your bikes, or go for a scavenger hunt to gather “craft supplies”.

The outdoors are a great place to find inspiration, reset your mental capacity, and connect with the bigger picture.

In fact, it has been proven that going outside impacts your health in a big way. Teach your kids the beauty of nature early on, and do yourself a favor while you’re at it!

Springtime can be finicky

There are so many ways to make the most of springtime, even when it is being finicky! 

Improve your home, bond with your family, and reconnect with nature with these budget-friendly, family-friendly ways to welcome spring!

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Do you have cabin fever yet? We sure do! Here are five ways that we are taking advantage of springtime before the nice weather hits!
Do you have cabin fever yet? We sure do! Here are five ways that we are taking advantage of springtime before the nice weather hits!

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