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Best Way To Keep Clean Floors

It is always amazing to me how quickly my home can go from clean to catastrophic in a matter of minutes!

With three kids(and often extras), two dogs, we have our fair share of mud and who knows what else tracked into the house. On top of that my home is almost entirely hardwood. Yes, I’ll accept your pity!

Needless to say, I have tried everything to mop faster, cheaper, and with the least amount of effort. I have finally landed on the best method to clean your floors, and I am going to share it with you today!

When I say I have tried everything, I mean it.

I have used a Hoover Vacuum Mop, a steam mop, a Swiffer, a traditional mop. I have been on my hands and knees mopping.

Out of everything I have tried, one system has come out on top for me. It’s called the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop, and it’s the bomb.

Best Mop For Wood Floors, Or Any Floor!

(Side note: This post IS NOT sponsored. I totally love my Bona and I have paid every penny for both sets that I have owned. However, if you’re out there reading this Bona HR, I could definitely be your spokesperson! ;))

Yep, that’s its name. This spray mop can basically do anything.

Bona also carries a tile and laminate version, but I have found my hardwood mop plenty capable. (I think the benefit of additional mops would be having several cleaner options.)

I used it on laminate at the other house. I also use it on our resilient plank flooring and linoleum. The Bona is seriously the best way to clean vinyl flooring that I have found. No streaking or weird water spots!

This spray mop is a beast! If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying out a Bona mopping system yet, there are a few reasons why I love it more than it’s competitors and I am going to break it down for you.

Bona vs. Swiffer

The clear competitor for spray mops is the Swiffer Wet Jet. Now, I know tons of people that LOVE their Swiffer. But it had a few shortcomings in my eyes, which is why I started looking for alternatives. The Swiffer system is expensive and wasteful!

Let’s be honest. I am cheap. I hate having to buy disposable anything! I would rather just refill or rewash an item, and I know that I’m not alone in that. There are literally tutorials for making a reusable Swiffer pad on Pinterest!

The great thing about Bona is that their stuff is already reusable. No more trying to fit an old sock on your mop, sewing a reusable pad, or jimmy-rigging the cleaner bottle in order to refill it.

I mean what a waste of time and energy that would be! I thought the point was to make your life easier? That’s what Bona does.

Bona bottles are refillable on purpose. I love that I can refill my Bona with any type of cleaner that I want to. Vinegar and water, DIY essential oil cleaners, or their special solution for shiny hardwood floors!

This mop is an insanely valuable tool that can be tweaked to fit exactly what you need with minimal effort.

The bottles aren’t the only thing that is reusable. Bona uses a microfiber cloth for the “mop head”. It has two different lengths of fabric so that every nook and cranny is hit and the dirt is trapped in the process.

The mop comes with a single pad, you can buy starter kits, and then the pads are also sold separately. I have three cloths which make it so that I can mop my entire house in about half an hour!

However, I also have a bag of disposable Bona cloths just in case something nasty comes up that I don’t want to deal with. You never know with kids!

Here’s another way that Bona trumps Swiffer. Swiffer uses batteries to spray its solution, and in my experience, the batteries needed changing quite frequently. One more thing + More money = Sad.

Instead of using a motor and batteries, Bona uses a hand pump to spray, which works basically like a spray bottle. It’s just a little trigger at the handle.

When I first bought my Bona I wasn’t sure if I would like this feature. I always have trouble with spray bottles not working properly, but I used my first mop for over three years and it was still spraying wonderfully.

(We had to replace it when my kids decided that it would make a great bridge across the couches, and broke the handle! #momlife, am I right?)

The Bona is about $40 to buy depending on which package you choose, but after that its frugal nature will save you tons of time and money.

Bona vs. Steam Mop

The next best competitor for the Bona was my O’Cedar steam mop. I bought this one off of Amazon and it works surprisingly well. This was a bargain steam mop at about $60, but I think that the features and functionality of it are well worth the cost.

If I only needed a kitchen mop, I would have been content. I love that I only need to use water to kill germs and that it has reusable pads that can be swapped out and washed.

I also like that the mophead is shaped like a triangle because it makes it really easy to get into corners and target specific spots.

The reason that I have decided to use my Bona rather than the O’Cedar Steam Mop is because of the amount of time it takes to mop my home.

When I try to mop my entire house with the steam mop, I can never get it all done. In order to let the steam do its job, I have to mop rather slowly.

I still have my steam mop and I use it for those deep cleanings that need to happen every few months or so.

Otherwise, I prefer the fast pace of the Bona. I try to use my Bona every other day which makes it so that the floors never really get out of control. My recommendation: skip the steam mop, buy a Bona.

Bona vs. Everything Else

Truth time: I hand washed my kitchen floors until I was eight months pregnant because of how much I hate traditional mops. They are dirty, and the weird angle that you have to use to get anything clean kills my back.

Before we moved into our current home, the only rooms in the house that needed mopping were the kitchen and bathroom. It would take me almost an hour for just those two spaces.

Granted, I had three kids, two dogs, and plenty of debris and spills to clean up, but there was no way I was going to use a traditional mop for that long.

Plus, using it on a regular basis was a pain! That’s part of why it took so long-I would only mop when I had to, which at that point was about once a week. The rest of the time, I just hoped that people wouldn’t notice my semi-dirty floors.

When I found this Hoover Vacuum Mop, I thought that it would be the solution! I was super excited, and I ordered it right away.

It definitely did not live up to my expectations. Much like the steam mop, I had to go slowly which meant that it still took me forever to mop. On top of that, it did not offer the scrubbing power that I had hoped for.

Imagine a machine that sprays water and sucks it back up, because that is all it did.  I went back on the search for some secret answer to keeping a mostly clean floor. After a couple of months, I landed on the Bona mop.


Mopping Floors Is A Pain, But It Can Be Easier

No matter which way you look at it, mopping is a total pain. First, you have to pick up, then vacuum or sweep, and finally mop.

Around here, if I can keep the floors clear for long enough to reach the mopping stage, I am killing it that day!

Honestly, I skip sweeping on occasion just to make sure I get the mopping done(and the microfiber cloths totally catch it all!).

With any other system, I couldn’t even manage to mop every room in one day. I am always triumphant when I get it all done, and that happens about every other day unless we are feeling rather tidy and it doesn’t need to be done. It is a wonderful feeling to have clean floors!

One thing is for sure. No matter how much you love or hate mopping, or how difficult your home is to maintain, the ease and frugality of the design is a cut above the rest.

This spray mop delivers in ways that its competitors have fallen flat. If my mop ever breaks again, I won’t bother with anything different.

The Bona Hardwood Flooring System is where it’s at. If you want to buy your own miracle mop, you can find it on Amazon here!

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