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Best Safari Themed Wall Hooks

Who doesn’t love a good Safari themed kids room? Well , I do! I am in the middle of a room makeover for my kiddos, and the theme is safari. I need a place to hang up their jackets and sweaters, so of course, I am considering some super cute animal shaped hooks. The more fun they are, the better. Here are all of the best Safari themed wall hooks that I found on Amazon!


Elephant Coat Hooks

Elephant hooks are definitely a popular option right now, and who can blame them! These wall hooks are sophisticated, yet fun. There are a few different styles but it’s safe to say that these would all fit right into a Safari themed nursery(or even a circus themed room!).





























Rhino Wall Hooks

Although there aren’t nearly as many options,  rhinoceros hooks are definitely a great option on Amazon as well. I love that I could mix and match a few different animals that are the same style. That way we could have a cute collection of safari animals as our wall hooks.















Giraffe Hooks

What would a Safari nursery be without a few giraffes in it? These wall hooks are the perfect way to include our long-necked friends.




















Other Safari Animal Hooks

There are a few other fun options that would be perfect for a safari nursery. I’ve got to be honest, I am dying over that lion hook!












The Best Safari Animal Wall Hooks On Amazon

It is clear that elephant hooks take the popularity contest out of all the safari animal wall hooks! Overall, I love that there are collections of different animals all done in the same style. Just imagine reminding your kids where their coats go. “Hey! That doesn’t belong there. Go hang your coat up on the rhino, please!” That would be such fun and just the perfect amount of silliness for a kids room.

What do you think? Are you ready to get funky with unique wall hooks like these?


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