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How To Be A Productive Stay At Home Mom

Stay at home mom depression and anxiety can be hard to avoid. I have met my fair share of women that will attest to that! After hours, days, and months of doing the same things at home over and over again, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.

Breaking that cycle comes down to some simple mindset shifts and consciously deciding to be the ruler of your day. Here are six of my favorite tips to break out of your funk, and become the happy, productive stay at home mom that you want to be!


How to be a happy and productive stay at home mom. Tips for when your kids and life are making you burn out.


Being a stay at home mom can be a challenge. Read these tips to avoid SAHM depression so that you can be the most productive and happy mama possible!

1. Start Moving First Thing in the Morning

I have been guilty of feeling like I can “enjoy my morning” and laze around in the past. It never works out, because my kiddos are pretty demanding. I end up feeling frustrated and groggy.

Since I realized this, I have made it a point to get up and accomplish my morning chores before I do anything sedentary. By the time I am finished, I’m usually ready to keep smashing my goals. The

If I am really struggling to stay up because we had a rough night, I would rather enjoy quiet time cuddling with my babies in the afternoon than try to catch some r&r while they are wide awake and ready for the day.


2. Get Dressed Everyday

One of the most simple and impactful things that you can do to avoid feeling depressed is getting everybody dressed every day!

It feels counter-intuitive to put in the time and energy if you have nowhere to go, but getting ready in the morning will make you more likely to accept opportunities to leave the house if they come up. Rather than facing the job of getting yourself and the kids ready on a timeframe, all you need to do is grab what you need and head out. It’s much less overwhelming!

To make things easier, I try to think about my daily goals and get dressed for the occasion! I have been amazed at how productive I am when I do this.


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3. Stick To A Routine

If you find yourself losing time in a day, or wondering what you have accomplished, you might need to reevaluate your routine. People thrive on routines because they don’t take much thought. Rather than trying to muster up every little step of the day, you follow a tried and true schedule. It’s like automation for your life!

As a mother, following a routine will help your kids transition from one situation to the next more easily. As a businesswoman, having (the right) routine will increase your productivity and make time so that you can smash through your goals!


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3. Ignore Technology and Go Outside

Clean your house, and then leave so that you only have to clean it once in a day!

Alright, you don’t have to clean first, but I have found that it really does help to get out of the house. Nothing is waiting to be taken care of at home so you can enjoy your time out, and the work isn’t piling up since we aren’t there. It’s a win-win.

Not only that, but my children benefit from the quality time that we spend with each other without anything muddling the experience. Plan ahead and pack some snacks and sandwiches the night before!


4. Make Real Connections

When I feel like I am struggling with depression, and my life is going to spin out of control, it almost always comes back to lack of connection to other people.

It is so easy to get stuck in the mundane. This leads to small talk and surface level discussions with your spouse and your friends. Try taking a step back every once in a while to talk about the deeper things in life, like goals, dreams, and values. Try getting out of the house and making some memories together. These meaningful connections will make you feel motivated for change and remind you of the big picture.

Sometimes we need that in order to deal with the small obstacles!


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5. Set Big Goals

Speaking of the bigger picture, nothing is more motivating than having a goal to reach in the first place. I know that it feels like you already have a full plate, but think about whether that plate has anything for yourself on it. If it doesn’t, you might not be tired, but uninspired. Think about something that you really want, then start taking baby steps towards it.

These big goals can be anything. For example, getting in shape, decluttering your home, or starting a business. The key is to find something that is challenging, but exciting. Push yourself to do take the steps to make progress even if it is hard, and notice how it makes you feel. Amazing things happen right outside your comfort zone!


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Be A Happy and Productive Mom

I know that being a stay at home mom comes with its own challenges and advantages. It is an underappreciated position in this world, but also an amazing opportunity. Make sure that you make the most of this season of life by overcoming the struggles and going for it all! Be the mom you want to be. Be the woman you want to be. Don’t make excuses and let life pass you by! You can overcome it all.

Tell me, what do you find as your biggest obstacle as a stay at home mom?

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