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Kitchen Tools That Save Time

I have a love-hate relationship with the kitchen. On one hand, I love food. I think that it is exciting. It brings me such satisfaction to eat different styles and try new recipes. On the other hand, my kids are picky and my hubby just isn’t an eater. I used to slave over meals, then my family would barely touch them. Meals that I usually put tons of effort into. Well, not anymore with these
kitchen tools that save time and energy!

Over time, I have found a happy balance of meals for my family, and I spend about twenty minutes a day cooking in my kitchen. I credit this to two different things: Having the right tools and having an organized system. Today, I want to share my tools with you!


If you plan to make all the Thanksgiving recipes this year, relieve a little bit of holiday stress by putting these powerhouse kitchen tools to work! The best kitchen tools to save you time and energy this holiday season!
Plan for a stress-free Thanksgiving by using your kitchen tool to the best of their abilities! If you don't have these time-saving tools, get them before Thanksgiving comes so that you can make all the recipes!


The Instant Pot

My absolute all-time favorite kitchen tool: the electric pressure cooker. These things are like slow-cookers on steroids. When I heard that they can cook an entire frozen chicken in twenty minutes, I knew that I had to give it a shot! You may also know this as an “Instant Pot”. I use my Instant Pot at least half the time. You can even sear your meat in it before setting it to simmer. This one item has changed everything! If I could only choose one item off of this list, the Instant Pot would be it.


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The Slow Cooker

Even though the Instant Pot has taken quite the load off of this baby,  I can’t leave the crockpot completely off my list. Being able to just stir something up and walk away is such a convenience, especially when we have things like soccer practice or school events. I love the way that a crockpot makes the entire house smell good all day long, and I use mine pretty often for batch cooking things like shredded chicken, and homemade refried beans.

This model is great because it has a timer and the lid latches, making it super portable for potlucks. Aka, taking the stress out of everything!

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Rice Cooker

Alright, this one might be surprising. BUT, it isn’t a one trick pony like it may seem.  For example, it is a great veggie steamer.

In any case, I often make meals in the Instant Pot that need to be served along with rice. I can’t cook the rice in the pot, and who wants to wait to take turns?

Get your main dish going, get your rice a cooking, and come back in twenty minutes to a complete meal. I have this small Oster that takes up barely any space and I wouldn’t get rid of it for anything.


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Electric Griddle

When I’m not making dump recipes, I end up baking or grilling. I L-O-V-E my electric griddle. It’s funny because I wasn’t raised around one of these, so it took me a while to see the potential. Now, I cook steak and burgers, grilled cheese(six at a time!), quesadillas, pancakes, and even fry eggs on this guy. It is such a huge time saver to have a large surface area that cooks evenly.

Not only that, but this version doubles as a buffet server for parties and is fully immersible for easy clean-up. Yes!

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There is no way to deny it, a stand mixer is seriously versatile. I haven’t even begun to explore the attachments that can be bought for my Kitchenaid and it still blows my mind how much help it is. Using a stand mixer is almost like having another person baking with you because you can dump everything in and walk away. It’s perfect for multi-tasking!

We like to make bread dough, shred chicken, and mix up all kinds of goodies in ours. This is the same model as my Kitchenaid, and I love it. It is big enough that I can double my recipes, and it comes in so many cute colors! Plus any attachment you want for the future should be compatible.


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Extra Large Baking Sheet

When I bake, I like to use sheet pans so that everything will fit. My Grandma gave me a large sheet pan a couple of years ago and I will never go back to a normal size baking sheet. It makes quick work of baking for meal prep, and I also like to use mine to flash freeze things like diced onions so that I don’t have to cut them every time I need them. If I can condense a task into fewer steps somehow I am all for it, and that is what this sheet helps me do!

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Silicone Baking Mat

I love my silicone baking mat. It makes it super easy to clean up after baking, and everything bakes more evenly too(think perfect cookies every time!). Score! I just wish that I had ditched the aluminum foil and gotten one sooner.

This mat fits the large baking sheets, but there are options for normal cookie sheets as well!

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Ceramic Coated Pans

My least favorite method of cooking is stove-top because I have to stand there and pay attention to it. Which means that it is much more likely to get burned. However, I have an awesome set of pans that my In-laws got for us that make cleaning up any mess a breeze. They are super affordable and have lasted just as long(actually longer I think) as anything name brand that we have had.  Even when I have ruined dinner, my pan is super easy to clean, so that’s nice!

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Silicone Muffin Liners

Besides the obvious use of baking muffins, these things are a goldmine. I love to use these liners to freeze leftovers. A single liner takes about thirty seconds to defrost in the microwave, which basically means that I have a variety of healthy, kid-sized meals hanging out in my freezer, and it took basically no extra time to make them. We also freeze yogurt pucks and make pudding cups with these for a quick kid-friendly snack on a budget!

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Safety Can Opener

I switched to a safety can opener a couple of years ago and I love it. My kids can help with food prep more, and I can recycle my cans into kids crafts and decor without worrying about cut fingers! I haven’t needed to replace my can opener yet, but I do have to help my guests figure out how to use it. Don’t worry, once you figure it out it is simple. 😉 

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The Right Kitchen Tool For The Job

Having the right gadgets can make all the difference in making a job simple rather than overwhelming. The kitchen is no exception! If you haven’t tried these kitchen tools that save you time and energy, what are you waiting for?!


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