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From Plain Canvas Bins to Fun Decor: Paint Canvas Bins

I am a huge fan of canvas bins. What’s not to love? They are super functional, pretty durable, and hit my price point. However, if you want something more decorative, they can veer a bit high in that budget range, or even soar right out of it.

A while back, I had an organizing idea, but I had already maxed my decorating budget. I was determined to have the best of both worlds, so I got creative. I wanted bins on a shoestring budget, and a home full of character. That is when I decided to splatter paint canvas bins for Parker’s superhero room, and I have never looked back!



Why Canvas Bins?

I love canvas bins because they don’t crack when my kids are rough with them(which is basically the norm), and they are foldable, so it is easy to tuck them away when they aren’t in use. They come in tons of colors and styles, so it is easy to blend them into any decor.

On the flip side, they stain more easily than something plastic or wooden. Also, if your kids decide to use the bins as a bridge or something and crush the cardboard, they do look a bit shabby. Yes, that’s my life. However, I like to believe that we can own nice things…if we think it all through first.

Pros and cons in everything! If a canvas bin fits your needs, keep reading.


Buying Canvas Bins

Tip: Before you run out to buy stuff to store your stuff, you need to know what you are looking for! One of the most important things that I have done to get on top of my house is to know exactly what I am buying a container for, so that I can make sure it fits where I want to put it, and that my stuff will fit inside, too! Take a few minutes to create a plan before you start buying containers. Trust me, it is worth the extra effort. 

Once you know what you need, get shopping! I have had the best luck finding really affordable canvas bins on Amazon, but I have also seen plain bins at Walmart for a comparable price in-store and online(like theseicon). I try to shoot for four dollars a piece or less because I am cheap and my organizing bug always hits at the worst of my budgeting times. Of course, the four dollars is for a standard bin. Anything bigger or shaped differently will probably cost significantly more. In that case, you might consider using a wooden crate instead.

Wait a second! I know that four dollars seems like a lot if you usually buy your stuff from the dollar store. If you are thinking about cutting that cost by visiting the Dollar Tree for canvas bins instead, don’t! Although I am a dollar store fan, stay away from the canvas bins. They are flimsy and basically unusable.

Your money is better spent on a quality bin that will hold whatever you need it to, and hold up for much, much longer. Some of my bins are five years old now! I promise the four bucks is a bargain when it comes down to lasting.


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The Painting Basics

Onto the fun part! Painting can make anything custom, so it made perfect sense that this project would change my bin life forever. We splatter painted these bins in the backyard, and it was an absolute blast! The kids helped, slinging black paint in every direction and giggling when it smacked me in the face.

Use washable, non-toxic paint if you are worried about the kids getting too wild! Finger paint should work, as long as you don’t spill on the bins or plan to put them in a place that would require you to frequently wipe them down. We used some leftover latex paint from a previous project, and we are all still alive today. I didn’t expect the project to be as messy as it was!

The process is simple. Choose a sunny day, grab a few paper plates, paint brushes or even stir sticks, dip in paint, and start flicking the bins like crazy! Then, laugh a little. Let them dry, and do the next side.


Custom Painted Canvas Bins

Aren’t these bins adorable? I love the look, and I have been using them all over my house since we moved into the new place. At this point, you can see them at work in my closet. We are using them in Parker’s room with our new laundry system, too!


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Painted Canvas Bins: Endless Possibilities

Splatter painting gives a really casual and fun look that I just adore, and it is such an achievable look, but don’t stop there! Painting bins can go far beyond splatter painting. I can see so many possibilities with this concept! Grab a stencil to get fancy, paint your kids’ names onto bins for the closet or bathroom, or grab a dobber and make some polka dots.

Don’t settle for boring canvas bins when there is an entire world of options out there! With a little DIY, some imagination, and an afternoon of creating, you could have a custom painted canvas bin, and some great bonding time! All for an affordable, frugal price. What are you waiting for? Get painting!

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How To Splatter Paint Canvas Bins”

  1. I love the marbled effect. As a bonus, I thing this is something my daughter would love to “help” me with. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  2. Hi Keri! I love your ideas! If I were to paint the bins a different color before splattering, what type of paint should I use? The bins are currently beige but I want to paint them black and splatter with various neon colors. Thanks!

    • Hi Kip, thank you so much! I think that the technique is probably more important than the type of paint. If I was going to paint the entire bin, I would try to dry brush it so that the paint doesn’t soak into the cardboard that keeps the bin nice and in shape. Instead of soaking the brush, do light layers and let them dry in between before adding another coat! If you give it a shot please let me know! I would love to see your results. Good luck!

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