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If you are shopping on a tight budget for the holidays, then saving money while still getting quality items is a really big deal! I have an incredibly simple trick that I want to share with you today; This is how I save money on stocking stuffer candy during the holidays.

If you need to have a budget Christmas, then this stocking stuffer hack is a great way to save money.#candy #clearanceshopping #stockingstuffer #christmas

How To Save Money By Shopping Holiday Candy Clearance

Today is Halloween, and that means that tomorrow all of the leftover candy will go on sale! Shopping clearance is one of the things that I have always done. I have always been really frugal. If I can buy candy and holiday decor of any sort for far below retail, I will!

For a long time, I would only grab a bag or two of candy and stash it for movie nights or to send in lunches. If you notice, the print on the packaging is usually holiday related. That is why they sell it at a discount once the holiday has passed. Which means that we can’t use it for a different holiday without totally giving away the secret that we are the suppliers(and not the magical creature of choice). There’s no faster way to kill the magic of the holidays than accidentally giving away the secret, right?!

The Options For Frugal Candy

It wasn’t until a point of desperation that I realized that there was a solution to this packaging problem! Last year I had completely forgotten to buy any candy for Easter. It totally snuck up on me. Suddenly it was eleven o’clock the night before. The store was closed and there was no way I was buying candy at gas station prices. Call me cheap, but there had to be a better solution.

I thought about baking something or making my own candy. That seemed a bit extreme, especially on such a short time frame. I had no option except to use my candy stash somehow. With only a few short hours, I was the most rushed Easter bunny in history.

After a bit of idea gathering, I decided to make these cute but simple treat bags. I grabbed the brown paper bags from my crafting stash, unwrapped all of the candy that was in Valentine’s Day wrappers, and stuffed the Easter bunny bags with brand name candy that I bought on a dime.

 UPDATE: If you miss Halloween clearance, there is still hope! Visit the bulk candy section of your grocery store for affordable candy to fill baggies with. They have both wrapped and unwrapped options for a great price. 


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A Simple Hack To Save Money on the Holidays

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this is an amazing holiday hack! This hack can be done for any holiday, but to make life easier I’m going to call the clearance candy stocking stuffers. Since that Easter, I have personally used this method to fill stockings and Easter baskets with great success.

Just buy some appropriate treat bags from the dollar store or go old fashioned and package the candies in wax paper. I personally feel like having not store-bought packaging makes the candy even more magical, like it’s completely homemade. It helps the illusion of busy elves in the kitchen making treats for all the kids in the world, that’s for sure!


How To Choose The Best Candy While Clearance Shopping

Once the season passes, holiday candy is frequently discounted up to 70% off, and I’m talking the good stuff. From suckers to chocolate, you can buy the name brand candy for cheap! Check the expiration dates, or hide the candy in the deep freeze if you are concerned about spoilage. I have never personally had a problem with it, but I usually use the candy for the next holiday. 

When shopping, make sure that the candy that you are buying isn’t molded into a different shape than usual. Companies do this on occasion, and there is no way to change that! For example, I bought a bag of Jolly Rancher suckers that were shaped like hearts after Valentine’s Day. I wouldn’t be able to use those for Easter without Parker catching on!

Sometimes, you can even use a printable coupon to stack savings and score, so make sure to check Coupons.com and login to your shopper’s accounts for whatever store you are going to visit. You might also find some rebates in Ibotta, so make sure to check there, too.

Some of my favorite places to find discounted candy are Walgreens, Shopko, and Kmart in addition to the giants Walmart and Target of course. The problem with the giants is that they are cleared out pretty quickly. Plan to hit them right after the holiday or the pickings will be slim. Sometimes checking the smaller places first pays off. Walgreens usually still has a pretty good variety even a few days later and often gets marked down more quickly than the more popular stores.


Save Money on the Holidays With This Frugal and Simple “Stocking Stuffer” Hack

It’s simple. It’s frugal. Sure, it might make me a borderline cheapskate. But add a chocolate Santa from the dollar store around Christmas time, or a chocolate bunny for Easter and your kids will be none the wiser. I promise they won’t complain when they are mowing down on Reese’s, and you won’t complain when you fill their stockings and baskets for a few measly dollars. Hooray for Holiday clearance candy!

What are your favorite ways to fill a stocking on the cheap?

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