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.Keeping up with a busy, bustling home can be quite the task! Ultimately, that is the fundamental focus of this site: to find fulfillment regardless of income, overwhelm, or your current situation. I strive to offer the tools that can help you become a happy stay at home mom, and maybe even make your life easier! Since I’ve been a homemaker for almost eight years now, I have a fair amount of experience in the field of homemaking! Let’s talk about a few key ingredients for SAHM success, and my tips for making the most of the best job out there!


Homemaking is a serious job!If you are struggling to find your groove, these tips will help you. Learn how to get your schedule under control as a SAHM and leverage your time in order to find fulfillment and gratitude and success as a homemaker! #homemaking #homemaker #stressless #happiness

Homemaking is a serious job!If you are struggling to find your groove, these tips will help you. Learn how to get your schedule under control as a SAHM and leverage your time in order to find fulfillment and gratitude and success as a homemaker! #homemaking #homemaker #stressless #happiness


1. It All Comes Back To Money

Regardless of what stage of life you are in, being on top of your finances can make or break the stress level in your home. It controls the amount of free time you have, the experiences that you get to enjoy, and ultimately the overall quality of your days.

If you find yourself stressing about money, you need to get a plan in place asap. If you don’t, you will never gain the control that you need to keep a happy home!

Luckily, I have an amazing resource to share with you today. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is having a flash sale. This collection has 21 amazing resources that will help you tackle your money problems(among many other problems, keep reading!). My favorite tool in the 2018 bundle helps you teach your kids about money. How good would it feel to know exactly what to say the next time they ask for that new toy you can’t justify?

Not only will the bundle help you budget and plan financially, but it also has resources that can help you learn how to work from home in order to bring in more income. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is only $29.97, which means that you could earn the money back on your first day of work if you decide to go that route. However, it’s only available for two days, so get it before it’s gone!


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2. Your Family’s Connection is The Key To Fulfillment

It’s really easy to get caught up in the workload of life. Between responsibilities like appointments, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids, and taking care of your husband(because reality check-that’s what SAHMs do) losing motivation to make time for connection can be hard!

If your love life is slacking, or you could confidently call yourself an angry mom(been there-there is hope!), there are 11 products in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle that can turn that around.

Your family is the most important priority of all, but it is so easy to fall into a routine and never get back out. These resources will inspire and enable you to take your life back and get behind the steering wheel of your relationships!


3. Homemaking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Of course, the best solution to fighting the lack of motivation that comes with overwhelm is to remove the feeling of being overwhelmed altogether! There are so many simple ways to manage your life that will make all the impact in your happiness, especially as a stay at home mom. Getting systems in place is absolutely key to being a successful homemaker!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has 35 resources that break down everything you need to know about homemaking. Learn how to meal plan, designate chores, clean the entire house with minimal time, and actually keep it clean and organized! You won’t believe it when you find yourself with extra time, making this bundle worth every penny!



4. You Can Crush Overwhelm Completely With The Right Tools

But what about motivation? I’ve been there. I have been completely depressed and dysfunctional as a mom and a wife.

I’ve been an angry mom, wondering why I can’t stop yelling. I have cried and wondered why the heck I decided to have three kids. My house was never clean, and I felt and looked like crap. There was never time to even consider “self-care”.

I felt like if I had a different situation-more money, more time, more help-that everything would be different. After my pity party, I would feel totally guilty and ungrateful for even letting those ideas enter my mind.

After the rush of guilt, I would settle, reminding myself-lying to myself-that where I was at was where I wanted to be.

Reality check. That life of dissatisfaction was not where I wanted to be, but the problem wasn’t my life. I loved my kids, and Chris, and I was blessed with my situation. The problem was how I was running my life and my perspective of who I was. From my mindset about being home, to my priorities throughout the days, everything needed to be adjusted. The first step to gaining motivation and changing my life was recognizing that I was the problem!


Believe In Yourself & Commit To Positive Change

All of the things that you want are within your reach, but you have to reach for them! Every step you take towards the life that you desire gets you one step closer. You can be exactly who you want to be.

More than anything, believing and striving for the life that you want is what will change everything. Suddenly you will notice that you are more content with where you are at. You will start enjoying every moment, and recognizing the progress that you make and that your children make.

Everything that you want can be achieved with the right tools! Time management, goal setting, and self-care are crucial ingredients to your success as a homemaker! And yes-there are almost 50 tools in the toolkit that will inspire you to dig deeper and gain the clarity you need to become the woman that you want to be.

I know that this part is hard. It is sooo hard to carve time out for anything that doesn’t feel pressing. But I promise that you can make that time with the tools that you will receive in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. You can save time on the mundane so that you can focus on the truly important things in life. You will be amazed at the shift if you only implement the lessons you learn!


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  1. What a great resource!! I agree that it’s tough to be a SAHM when you don’t have a plan in place! Even after a year, I feel like I’m still learning.

    • Thanks for stopping by Tiffani! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a screaming deal! And don’t worry, homemaking will get easier with time. You have to be adaptable though, because as soon as you have it all figured out, your kids will hit a new stage and mess it all up again! 😂

  2. Having younger kids was for sure difficult for me. I stopped wearing a watch because it made the day feel like it drug on and on. So I just went with the flow and rhythm of the day, and that helped me a lot!

  3. What a great post! I am a huge planner and I believe that is what makes my SAHM life successful. Without a plan things really just seem so stressful.

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